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Grandma’s HouseMilwaukee multi-business owner and Harmony Social Services CEO, Kimberley Zulkowski is proud to share the true story of her beloved grandmother, Margie Ree Harris, on the big screen. Produced and directed by veteran filmmaker and Overflow Entertainment’s Paul D. Hannah (Marriage Chronicles, The Sin Seer, The Last Letter, My Favorite Five, and The Love Shack Gospel Musical), MzK!m Production’s Kimberley Zulkowski will be making her film debut surrounding a storyline that is intimately personal.

‘Grandma’s House’ gives moviegoers a private and emotional look into the life of the film’s executive producer/writer/co-producer once she moved into her grandmother’s home after years of being tossed around the foster care system. Immersed with passion, faith, family, and truth, the film illuminates the trials and tribulations she faced living with a grandparent who stood grounded as an inner-city matriarch and pillar of strength to serve selflessly her family and surrounding community.

What set ‘Grandma’s House’ premiere apart from most red carpets on April 2, 2016, at Milwaukee’s Marcus South Shore Cinema, was the extra special audience of Kim Zulkowski’s Harmony Social Services foster children, supporting city officials, and forever awareness project of the heart. While ‘Grandma’s House’ no doubt pays homage to Margie, the evening was centered upon instilling hope for those children in the system who are often left hopeless and believe they will never find a way out. Zulkowski’s entry into the film industry has been innate proof that anyone can rise above their upbringing and survive, to shine like a star. 

“It is time to fill the hearts of abused and neglected children with hope. It is time to give them the courage to overcome the abuse they have suffered. It is also time to recognize the real heroes in their lives, grandparents, foster parents, and those who have selflessly taken us into their homes and their hearts. ‘Grandma’s House’ is a representation of what a loving caretaker looks like,” said Ms. Zulkowski.

Loretta Devine, Kimberley Zulkowski, Coco Jones
Loretta Devine, Kimberley Zulkowski, Coco Jones

Filmed on area in Los Angeles, CA, ‘Grandma’s House’ embraces an exceptional cast which includes Loretta Devine (Crash, Being Mary Jane, Boston Public, Grey’s Anatomy), Wendy Raquel Robinson (The Game, Steve Harvey Show), Alex Thomas (The Jamie Foxx Show, Just Married, 2 Can Play That Game), Jazsmin Lewis (Barbershop, Barbershop 2, Ideal Male, Deliver Us From Eva), Coco Jones (Let it Shine, Next Big Thing), Stephen Bishop (Moneyball, Battleship, The Rundown), and Jordan Calloway (Unfabulous, Drumline: A New Beat, DisCONNECTED).

Zulkowski and Hannah are celebrating ‘Grandma’s House’ showcasing it in AMC theaters nationwide beginning the week of April 29, 2016. Atlanta, GA (North Dekalb Mall 16, Stonecrest Mall 16); Chicago, IL (Woodridge 18); Michigan City 14 Northbrook Court 14); Columbus, OH (Easton Town Center 30); Dallas-Fort Worth (Grapevine Mills 30, Firewheel Town Center 18); Detroit, MI (Forum 30, Great Lakes 25); Milwaukee, WI (Mayfair 18, Johnson Creek 12); Minneapolis-St. Paul (Eden Prairie Mall 18); Madison, WI (Fitchburg 18); New Orleans, LA (Elmwood Palace 20); and Tallahassee-Thomasville, FL (Tallahassee 20), are a sampling of the selected cities for theatrical release.

From Producer and Director Paul D. Hannah, ”Grandma’s House was one of the most personal and inspiring films to which I’ve ever been attached. It was challenging and rewarding to bring such a beautiful story to the screen. Kimberley Zulkowski’s story and the script was rich with faith and perseverance. I believe it will touch everyone who sees it.”

The full trailer for the film can be viewed here:
or click link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3EGernMsvg
Having just wrapped ‘Love Shack: The Gospel Musical’ and now ‘Grandma’s House’ in theaters this weekend, Kimberley Zulkowski and her team at MzK!m Product!ons have nine films slated for the 2016 fiscal year including ‘Color Blind,’ ‘The House Of David’ and ‘53206.’ MzK!m Product!ions bases their projects from concept to creation on real-life storylines, thriving with soul and connectedness. A proud supporter of diversity, community-based and cultural themes, their messaging hopes to be life-changing and a true cinematic experience for the viewers. For more information visit: www.MzKimProductions.com Follow on Twitter and Instagram @MzKimProductions

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