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Photo credit to: Clinton H. Wallace/PhotoMundo International for Diversity News Magazine
Photo credit to: Clinton H. Wallace/PhotoMundo International for Diversity News Magazine

The upbeat alternative band “Kill My Coquette” consists of four band members who bring the rage of punk music alive on their new cd. The band members only need a few instruments to make each sound come alive and create an outrageous beat for all rock/punk/alternative music lovers to enjoy.

Simple guitars played by Lead Guitarist Dave Stucken, and Mike Hejia on the tracks, provide the energy throughout each song. For instance, the song “Sweet Baby Blooze”, starts off smooth and sexy, but in between lyrics performed by Vocalist/Guitarist Natalie Denise Sperl enlighten the background of the rock and roll sound of the screeching guitar. You have both the softness and hardness that brings the song alive.
Drummer Ty Dennis slams on the drums for “3rd & Bonnie Brae.” For all who enjoy the sounds of drums on any set, you will be fascinated by the energy and charisma that he delivers to make the song sound energized.

The last, upbeat song on the release is “Post Teenage Angst.” When the guitarist plays he starts off rough and fast with a mind blowing WOW!  Singer Natalie slides in with a powerful boom of eagerness and screams to get her point across. 

Photo and Graphic credit to: Kill Devil Hills Entertainment
Photo and Graphic credit to: Kill Devil Hills Entertainment
Who would figure a Hollywood artist such as Natalie Denise Sperl from Los Angeles, California would start a band after modeling and acting. Her dad’s music collection made her want to pick up a guitar and start a band.
Get your copy today and enjoy the raspy vocals of Natalie and the explosive sounds of the guitars and drums. The five soundtracks are produced by Danny McGough and under released in 2015 under label “Kill Devil Hills Entertainment”.
Kill My Coquette CD Titles:
  1. 3rd & Bonnie Brae
  2. Festival Boy
  3. Sweet Baby Blooze
  4. Close to Me
  5. Post Teenage Angst
This cd is recommended for all rock and roll and punk music lovers.  You can find more information at http://www.killmycoquette.com/
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Editor’s Note: For those wondering why different band members, we were informed as far as the members are concerned, they have had different players over the last year so the ones listed aren’t necessarily playing with them anymore. They are in a transition with the band players. However the current band line up are: Natalie Denise Sperl – Vocals/Guitar. Cody Jones –  Lead Guitar, Mike Evans – Bass and Kelly Hagerman – Drums.
Photos credit to: Clinton H. Wallace/PhotoMundo International & Kill Devil Hills Entertainment.
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