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image provided by SportsbookNationFootball is here at last and what an amazing start it was. From massive comebacks in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Miami, to prime time games that lived up to the hype, it was a Week 1 to remember in the NFL. And around the country, fans are getting comfortable with another American pastime: placing a casual online bet on week to week NFL games. Others are deep into Fantasy Football leagues. Then there are those who have friendly ongoing wagers with friends, family, and work buddies. Whatever the case may be the chances are that you need help making your picks. But the question is: where to go? Online sportsbooks are a great resource for making qualified picks during the NFL season. However, finding a quality one can be tricky.

For example, let’s say you’ve zeroed in on one of the more prominent NFL “picks and predictions” resources, TopBet.eu. You would naturally search for reviews online about them. What you’ll find are review sites like Sportsbook Nation which will have an entire topbet.eu review page. This is where you as an interested party would begin your research process.

Review sites like this provide a number of elements you might not be able to dig up on your own. For starters, they’ve been there, done that. Reviewers have accounts with sportsbooks from around the world and initiate the sort of tricky transactions and requests that you may someday want or need so that they can more accurately assess the book’s services.

Sportsbook review sites are also an excellent way to get a sense of how good a site’s customer service is. While most sportsbooks will provide high quality service to first-time players looking to deposit, just so they can help them in the door, many provide sub-par service to customers who have deposited and are now considered less important to the available reps. Taking a look at a good review site will help you understand where a sportsbook’s promises meet its execution.

Whether you decide to get a friendly wager down or not, there is a lot to look forward to this week in the NFL. On Sunday night, the Chicago Bears bring their high-flying passing offense to San Francisco to face a 49ers team that looked every bit a Super Bowl contender in Week 1. On Monday night, fans get treated to an Eagles-Colts game that should feature roughly 1,000 total yards from scrimmage.

So buckle up! Check out a sportsbook review site if you’re thinking about that side of the sports entertainment ledger, and get set for all the touchdowns, interceptions, and glorious plays the 2014-2015 NFL season!

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