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Elias 2014 Tesla picThe Elias Music Library Editing Project Campaign Calls on the Creative Community

videos utilizing Elias Music’s library of more than 5,000 titles

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 Elias Music Library Partners announced that with over 5,000 titles, the popular Elias Music Library http://www.eliasmusiclibrary.com has partnered with Tongal to debut the Elias Music Library Editing Project. Fans will vote on the top 20 entries with the winner being presented a 2014 Tesla S automobile. 

Industry professionals, students, amateurs, all editors and hopefuls are invited to enter. The concepts is simple, utilize the extensive Elias Music Library tracks to cut a video that focuses on four themes — Space/Future/Technology, Dreams, Green and Freeform (open ended) — creating a 90-120 second video highlighting the endless variety of music tracks available in the Elias Music Library proving the mantra, “Nothing sounds like Elias.” Details about the Elias-Tesla campaign can be found athttp://tongal.com/elias

Mitch Rabin, Executive Vice President of Elias Music Library noted, ”We’ve received amazing feedback from our library users. Elias created this contest in order to expose editors to the quality of our catalogue by encouraging them to search and utilize our tracks in a real life setting. Rabin continues, “Video editors often spend hours agonizing over music tracks – trying to find that perfect piece to fit their meticulously crafted projects. At Elias, we make that part of their process much more workable. With over 5,000 groundbreaking titles, Elias delivers music perfect for any mood or moment.”

“We’re always looking for fun ways to reward our community for their ideas and talent, so handing out a brand-new Tesla is a really awesome way to get people excited about this project,” said Tongal co-founder James De Julio. “As a big music fan, I can appreciate the value of a great soundtrack and will be interested to see what stunning visuals our ‘Tongalers’ come up with for this Elias Music Challenge. Tongal is the industry-leading, community-sourced platform for creative content, is well-known for big money prizes on behalf of brands and artists such as McDonalds, LEGO and KISS.  Now, we’ve partnered with Elias Music Library to give-away the coolest prize ever… a 2014 Tesla.”

Videos must revolve around one of the following four themes:

  • SPACE / FUTURE / TECHNOLOGY: Time and space, these two universal substances often times go hand in hand with technology. Use Elias’ library music along with engaging visuals to create a captivating look at what the future may hold for space and technology.
  • DREAMS: For all the dreamers out there, Elias is offering an opportunity to bring those dreams to life. Capture a unique interpretation of dreams using tracks from Elias Music Library.  Dream big!
  • GREEN: The whole world seems to be going green. These changes transform almost every aspect of our lives and leave us hopeful for a sustainable future. Use Elias’ music library tracks to build an inspiring visualization of this green awakening.
  • FREEFORM: Elias Music Library doesn’t want to stifle your creativity so, if none of these topics speak to you – go your own way. Choose a theme inspired by Elias tracks and transform your vision into an extraordinary cinematic story.


Additionally, 2nd place through 10th place will be awarded (1) GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition and 11th place through 20th place will snag (1) GoPro Hero3+ White Edition.

Elias 2014 LogoAbout the Elias Music Library: The Elias Music Library defies classification. The compositions and production are fresh and compelling, timeless, original and unique. For over 30 years, Elias has brought a virtuosity and award winning distinct style in their approach to sound.  Establishing themselves with a gifted and forward-thinking team, Elias is a finely-tuned collective of sonic architects building the alliance between vision and melody.

From original composition, to music licensing, to sound design, to its extensive musical library -Elias’ taste-making musical prowess and audio branding is ahead of the wave, with an unmatched fluency in harnessing the emotional power of music for the moving picture. Elias couples client vision with the bespoke sounds that will drive the project’s message, lending a relevance and contemporary artistry to all of their musical adventures.

Elias is on the cusp of a new era, forging a series of intriguing partnerships with artists, labels and management companies. Inspired by all areas of creative expression, Elias is teaming up with both new and established artists, building genre-bending collaborations – More than a creative audio shop, Elias is reigniting the audio industry with a stand-alone vision toward the synthesis of art, culture, and music. Go to:http://www.eliasmusiclibrary.com

About TONGAL: Tongal’s mission is to make creative work accessible to everyone who needs it, and everyone who thrives on it. Tongal connects talented writers, producers and directors everywhere with the world’s most imaginative brands, to produce great content. Their web-based platform breaks-down creative development into a series of challenges, from idea through execution, so everyone can participate and contribute in the areas where they’re most qualified. Tongal is based in Santa Monica, California. Visit: www.tongal.com

Details about the Elias-Tesla Campaign can be found at: http://tongal.com/elias 

To watch the video visit http://blip.tv/diversity-news-tv/video-editors-enter-to-win-a-2014-tesla-model-s-grand-prize-6864698 
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Any media interested contact: Tongal: kburke@extensionpr.com or Elias: handsonpr@aol.com

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