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Logo credit to: Randstad Canada
Logo credit to: Randstad Canada

TORONTO, April 11, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ – Spring is the season best known for cleaning, and for job searchers, it’s an ideal time to “usherout the old and bring in the new.” Randstad Canada has a few tips that could make an impact on your job search and help you ramp up for landing the perfect career opportunity.

Your resume should tell your story: Employers have heard bland, generic statements such as: I’m a hard workerI learn quickly or I’m results-oriented, many times. If your resume sticks with these clichés, how will it make hiring managers remember you? Instead, tell them interesting stories! More and more, employers conduct accomplishment-driven interviews, and look for richness and diversity in your experience. Start by reviewing your resume and craft meaningful examples of challenges you met and solutions you have found to overcome them, without omitting the results.

Manage your own personal brand: Your online image does matter. Social media monitoring service Reppler surveyed more than 300 hiring professionals on their recruitment habits, and found that 91% of employers use social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to screen job applicants. Google your name to see what comes up. Build a strong, employer-friendly presence online, by carefully selecting which content you want to post publicly. Another recent survey revealed that Linkedin is the most popular tool amongst staffing professionals, so be sure to have a comprehensive profile, one that is error-free  and attractive. Position yourself with a catchy subject line, describe your accomplishments in a clear and impactful way, and add your skills and expertise. Incidentally, employers are interested not just in “hard” professional skills but also in “soft” human skills, abilities and characteristics.  Ask for recommendations, share interesting articles in your field and take part in groups!

Get mobile job search apps: Utilizing the best apps, setting up job alerts, and organizing contacts on your mobile device are all excellent ways to find jobs and network with your mobile device.

Create a master job application: Save time and be ready whenever an opportunity comes up. Create a form with all of your up-to-date information,ensuringyou have checked it for accuracy, grammar and spelling. Make sure to include correct addresses, job titles, employers, termination dates , contact names and phone numbers. This will be your source document for all applications.

Meet new people: Everybody uses social media to find a job or new talent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from personal interactions. Reach out to your contacts and go to networking events and conferences in your field. Put together a short and compelling description of who you are and what you do. Listen and ask questions, hand out business cards and build new relationships! Word of mouth and personal referrals are still methods that work in today’s job market.

About Randstad Canada: Randstad Canada is the Canadian leader for staffing, recruitment and HR Services. As the only fully integrated staffing company in the country, we understand the recruitment needs and demands of employers and job seekers across all levels and industries. Through our insightful knowledge of local markets, employment trends and global network of recruitment experts, we are shaping the Canadian world of work. Visit randstad.ca

Source: Randstad Canada

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