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Photo by Alireza Kia from Alireza Kia Photography
Photo by Alireza Kia from Alireza Kia Photography

At the Saban Theater located at 8440 Wilshire Boulevard, in Beverly Hills, California, 90211. The “Queen of the Universe” 2013 took place on January 27, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. The event featured a red carpet section and VIP room with drinks and appetizers. Ticket prices for the event were from $35 to $40. The event was hosted by Pili Montilla and Melissa Marty. There was special music performance by Denise Quinones and Melissa Marty.

Infinity Media, Inc. presented this lavish event at this popular venue. This spectacular event was produced by Academy Award Nominee, Michael Ohoven and Joyce Giraud.  The pageant is an international beauty pageant created to inspire women to become role models in the community.

Queen of the Universe 2013 benefiting charities were UNESCO (the United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organization), and Beverly Hills Temple of the Arts.

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Five exciting nervous contestants stand forth in front of the judges to be asked a specific question, but only one can be selected to be the winner of this prestigious award and title.

This year the gorgeous Ivette Sausedo from Spain was crowned and selected by the judges to be the next “Queen of the Universe 2013”. What an honor it is to represent the world as “Queen of the Universe”.  She was presented the crown and awarded many prizes that were contributed by many sponsors. Ms Romania is the 1st Runner-up of Queen of the Universe and the 4th (Ms. Israel), 3rd (Ms. Australia), 2nd (Ms. Mexico) came as top runner-up pageants.

Every year, pageants are presented to unite beautiful ladies that make a difference in the world we live in. The contestants are advocates who promote education, beauty, create awareness, and join forces to help their communities.  This event brings forth their beauty, talent and culture.  A winner is selected by judges who feel that this unique individual best fits as a mentor to advocate and give to back to the community.  The lucky winner should have good heart who loves to give back and work with charities around the world. Also, to be a role model who can contribute their time to help others make a difference.

The judges take their time to view the contestants, ask the ladies questions, and examine their beauty before they decide who will be the unique individual who will best fit the role of “Queen of the Universe”.  All the contestants are unique in their own way.  They all have contributed in building a better world, contribute to our society and supporting legit non profit charities.

Being that the pageant took place in California, it would have been excited if Tara Rice from USA had won. However, pageant winners are not selected that way.  Many contestants find their way to be selected to compete for this great honor, the confidence and experience they all gain. The talents these ladies bring forth set a great stage to be presented to compete in a great event such as “Queen of the Universe” pageant.

The judges, contestants, sponsors, family and friends made this event possible.  Everyone contribute their time and efforts to support these fantastic ladies to become all they can be. Good luck to all the contestants. You are all winners!

Photos credit to: Alireza Kia from Alireza Kia Photography, Gisele Rebeiro from PartyBy5.com and Stella Gomez from Disco Stella’s Pics.

For more videos of the event, visit Diversity News TV on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/diversitynews

Editor’s Note: Special Coverage Story Written By Stella Gomez and Esteban Escobar aka Steven Escobar contribute to the reporting.

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