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1426 Fashion Week in Miami show was just spectacular, there were designer from all over the country and some hometown (Miami) favorites. The fashion show was amazing and had everyone who attend in awe of the many different design selections on the runway. 1426 Fashion Week hosted by America’s Top Model Whitney Thompson was held November 8 to 11, 2012 at Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay located 1633 N Bayshore Dr in Miami, FL 33132.From day one of Fashion week with the meet and greet everyone was having a great time networking, meeting new people and getting to know each other and taking tons of pictures, you could just feel the excitement in the air as the discussion of the evening was how they were looking forward to the days to come.As the models prepared for the event they were all so excited and looking forward to the show, and were all just a buzz of excitement. The hairstylist and makeup artist worked their magic and made each model look amazing and flawless each model was a work of art and the makeup table was a magical kaleidoscope of color.
Photo by taken by VCM Photography, Hair done by School Of Cosmetology High Tech Paul Mitchell students and teachers. Make done by Sunstate Academy, Fort Myers, FL Under the leadership of Ms. Lisette Villanueva, LaBrajay Beauty Services. They did hair and make-up and the Official Makeup use was from April Holt-Smith Butterfly Cosmetic from Atlanta, GA
The goodie bag of 1426 was filled with so many treats, from a beautifully hand sewn pouch by Sharron’s Alterations and Designs , body butter- Summer Love by Creole Love, Godiva chocolates and Avon samples plus so much more.
Each designer had everyone on the edge of their seats as you saw each model walk down the runway with such grace and elegance it was a powerful performance,the audience gave several ovations to all of the collections. As the fashion show progressed you could clearly see the multitude of great talent and creativity and thinking outside the box all the designers displayed with their fabulous collections.The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as everyone look forward to the next designers showcase, each one was amazing, the color combinations and materials of all the designs were exquisite and the interrogation of the runway was a hit.Every single body type was pampered with lustrous designs the fabric mix was electric and the flattering garments accentuated and softly caressed every curve and seemed to float on the body.

I say bravo to all the designers they were all breath taking. All of their designs left you wanting more and making a list of the ones you would purchase.
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Here are the designers of 1426 Fashion Week:

Franovik Designs
Edward Dillard
Suzette Kelly
Richard Petit
Beach Bling
Big Girlz Inc.
Angel Myers
Voluptous You

The host of the evening Whitney Thompson America’s Next Top Model 2008 Winner,was a such a gem, and a wonderful hostess and has impeccable fashion sense her outfit for the evening was beautiful. Whitney wore a black dress with heels that had mesh of pink and gold and she looked stunning.

Linda Scott is the Founder and CEO of LS 1426 Inc. which was established in 2005, Linda and her team did a magnificent job in organizing this fashion show and interrogation the runway with straight models and plus size models a superb combination. What also was a plus of this event were the charities benefiting this year from 1426 Fashion Week 2012, they are Sickle Cell Disease Association of Broward County, Inc. and Continuous Love. One of her favorite quotes are: Every woman should be empowered to explore her destiny, and Linda Scott does this with her academy which covers many different subjects on fashion, runway,beauty, health, fashion and how to love themselves to know that their value starts from within Ms. Scott is an amazing individual and mere words can not even begin to describe how she has inspired so many in her life with her work.
To see more pictures from 1426 Fashion Week in Miami you can visit the page1426 Fashion Week 2012
and November’s Issue of BBW Beauties Magazine.
Photos credit to: VCM Photography.

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