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On October 21, 2012, the fashion show extravaganza ends at the Sunset Gower Studios. Mikey Koffman from “The Gallery Los Angeles” produced and hosted this three day event. Every year, designers prepare to showcase their new designs for future seasons.

There are so many people involved to make these events possible. You have all the Media Sponsors such as Diversity News Magazine, L.A. Fashion Magazine, ApparelNews, American Gentleman Magazine, and Hollyscoop advertising weeks ahead to get the word out, and to bring people to this exciting event.

Most of the media sponsors provided a copy of their magazine for attendees to view and take home. “Diversity News” provided a copy of their magazine in the VIP gift bag on October 19th. Everyone loves fashion, so guests can always look at the fashion magazines for all design debuts.

Where there is people and good music, you also need to have delicious food at a great event such as a Hollywood fashion show at a great location. Don’t forget the sweets too. “Bubba Sweets” provided cupcakes the three days. Drinks galore provided by the delicious liquor of “My World on a plate”, “Little Black Dress Vodka”, “Lodvoka”, and “Venue Sunset Gower-Sunset Bronson”.

Not only can the attendees enjoy a great fashion show, they can meet other people who love fashion like them. Other design suites sponsors such as “Hoodiebuddie” and “Wella Professionals” gave out gifts or samples. Taking home a gift from these sponsors made the event more memorable for everyone. You have “Sugar Scout” displaying their jewelry for viewing. Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace” displayed a sample viewing on how their rooms look at the hotel. Also, they provided guests with a small cream and their advertisement. Luxury is what they are all about.

Don’t forget the beauty tips and makeovers from the stylists “Napoleon” and “Glamglow”. Fashion starts with your appearance, so having stunning makeup and an awesome design on, makes you feel good.

At 8:00 p.m., the curtain opens and people begin to take their seats. Media and photographers are set at center stage. The performance begins by “Midnight Red”. Everyone enjoyed the talented group. They had the honor to perform twice throughout this weekend.

Mikey Koffman from “The Gallery Los Angeles” walks the runway to welcome everyone and thank all for their support. Now the excitement begins by bringing out the designers showcase one by one for everyone to enjoy. (Please click on photos to view them regular size).

The lovely Dina Bar-El knows how to make the people admire her beauty on the runway. Dina designs presents elegance, stunning and beautiful fabrics such as lace, satin, and color. Dresses with shining gray and sparkling gray can be worn to any luxury party. Sequins galore lays upon the front portion of the dress, which is noticeable for any stunning figure. Don’t forget your summer and spring colors of yellow, blue, red, pink and white. These colors are cool for those hot days. Dina’s designs are well fitted to show your curves and make you feel sexy when wearing her glamorous dresses. What a great imagination.

Brown, red, black, peach, and white was on the mind of Designer, Nathanaelle Couture. Outfits that look like two pieces with boarders of fabric lining the entire outfit made the outfit look like a style from in the 40s. A long satin dress with flowers of black and red was perfect for gala parties. A long see through train ensemble into the dress was very elegant. Combinations of red and black dresses with beautiful stunning jewels arranged from the middle of the dress, to top shoulder, just gave a little richness to the outfit. You never can go wrong with lace and satin to make a cool and comfortable. Dresses with flare and fluffiness hit the runway which looks like more of renaissance style.

Designer, Anthony Franco has outrages beautiful taste. He not only designs for women, he includes his men’s style to be as stunning. The handsome models walked the runway with velvet and collaboration of leather fitted suits. The ladies looked beautiful in long shiny dresses consisting of colors of black, white, silver, red, yellow and white. Dresses that drape to the floor can be worn to weddings or even black tie parties. Accessories such as gloves were an awesome combination in making the outfit look luxury and expensive.

Overall the three days of getting together to enjoy the splendid designs of very talented designers, made us look forward to Spring/Summer. The guests also received great information from the sponsors who took the time to attend and contribute to the event. Mikey Koffman always provides the attendees with a great show.

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About The Gallery Los Angeles/Mikey Koffman:
Mikey Koffman, Founder of The Gallery Los Angeles and Executive Producer of L.A. Fashion Weekend, has been a mainstay in L.A.’s fashion world for over 10 years as both a producer and innovator. Koffman’s extensive background producing runway shows in L.A., Las Vegas, and New York City led her to start The Gallery Los Angeles, a full-service marketing and event production company.

Photos credit to: Gisele Rebeiro from PartyBy5.com for Diversity News Magazine published by Diversity News Publications.

Editor’s Note: Diversity News Magazine published by Diversity News Publications was a proud media partner of The Gallery Los Angeles Presents L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios Spring/Summer 2013 on October 19th – 21st, 2012.

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