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On September 2, 2012, Esteban “Steven” Escobar celebrated his birthday at the cozy Mission Cantina Mexican Food in Hollywood located at 5946 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California 90028.
The location was small, but very inviting. The lights were dimmed low while the music played. The Mexican food selection was great. What do you pick when there is so much to eat and enjoy. Food ranging from tacos, tortilla soup, salads, rice or beans, etc. Esteban chose the cactus salad. There were many drinks mixes to choose from, but the margarita seemed to be the pick for Mr. Escobar.
On Sunday, September 3, 2012 Steven Escobar wrote on his facebook the following message: “For those of you who were not able to make it, but RSVP on here (Evite.com) I will give you an opportunity to make it to me during the entire month of September. Those others see message from last night.”
One by one, guests arrived to wish Esteban a Happy Birthday. Kitty Pleasant brought a cake for dessert.  Stella (“Disco Stella”) Gomez made party favors and passed them out to the invitees. While singing Happy Birthday to Esteban, other restaurant guests joined in. There was so much excitement in the room. Pictures were taken to capture the memorable moment. (Click on pictures to view regular size).

Mr. Escobar concluded:  “Thank you to all my girlfriends that came to celebrate my birthday. I was not expecting so much of you but the shows who are my real friends. I will not forget about it, so do not expect me to support you in anything. I know who are my people who are always supporting and loyal to me. Some of you too much excuses.” said Esteban Steven Escobar.
Mission Cantina was a great place to have a birthday celebration. The restaurant offers a selection of tequilas and cocktail menus. A variety of different Mexican dishes are on the menu. The service was good, and the bartenders were fast.

Overall, Esteban seemed to be delighted and surprised in how many guests attended. Again, we wish Mr. Escobar a very Happy Birthday!

Photos credit to: Disco Stella’s Pics, Peach Chemys, Diversity News Publications

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