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Totally Ferret’s Ferret Food Will Be Exclusive Ferret Food Shown in Upcoming Feature Film.

On Saturday, July 21, 2012 — Canadian film director, Alison Parker, is proud to announce that a deal has been clinched with Totally Ferret, thus allowing the company’s ferret food to have exclusive rights to product placement in the upcoming feature film The Ferret Squad.

Totally Ferret, a subsidiary of Performance Foods, with a Headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, was founded in 1991. Their products Totally Ferret for Active, Show and Pet Ferrets as well as their Baby Ferret food will be showcased in the movie.

As ferrets need a protein based diet, the high-protein content of Totally Ferret foods provides great nutrition for ferrets at any age, giving them energy as well as lush and healthy fur.

Totally Ferret joins NPIC (the makers of the N-Bone Ferret Treat) as a company to feature product in The Ferret Squad. While Totally Ferret will have the corner of the market on the food in the movie, NPIC’s N-bone treats will also get screen time. Ferret Depot and Ferret.com are two other companies who have made donations to the film.

The Ferret Squad is a family-friendly feature that tells the story of Max Jones, played by Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale star Connor Stanhope (Connor also played the role of young “Lex Luthor” on the TV series Smallville) In the story, Max is a teenage boy who must move to California with his father, Ben (Canadian Award Winning Actor Chad Willett, The Locket, Joan of Arc); he then realizes that Digger, his pet ferret, won’t be able to come along because ferrets are illegal. Max finds a way to sneak Digger across the border, and thinks his troubles are over. In his new home state, Max meets and joins forces with a group of quirky kids known as “The Ferret Squad” who spend their summer days rescuing and fostering illegal ferrets. When Animal Control plans to destroy some confiscated ferrets, Max and the Ferret Squad go on a desperate mission to save the poor animals by transporting them across the border with the law and their parents in hot pursuit.

The film features an impressive cast which, in addition to Stanhope and Willett includes Canadian Award Winning Actor Cainan Weibe, whose acting credits include roles in The Sandlot 3 (“Ryan”), Sucker Punch (“Tommy Boy”), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (“Newborn Boy”), Falling Skies (“Marshall”), and Diary of a Wimpy Kid (“Quentin”), Eric McNamee (“Gus” on the Cartoon Network’s “Level Up”), Clive Holloway (“Maurice” on the UK TV Show “Beaver Falls”), Sean Michael Kyer (who has appeared on the TV shows “Alcatraz”, “Fringe” and “Continuum”), Dylan Schmid (“Baelfire” on the TV Series “Once Upon A Time”), Sierra Pitkin (Juno), Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale alumnus Blu Mankuma (“Harry Helmsley”, 2012), Award Winning Canadian Actress Gabrielle Rose (Excited), Michael Roberds (“Uncle Fester” on the TV Series The New Addams Family) and Falcor the Ferret (Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale).

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