Teen Mega-Pop Star Justin Bieber loses his Temper on Mojo in the Morning Radio show and hangs up

Justin Bieber
MSN Now is reporting that on Saturday, June 30, 2012 Justin Bieber loses his cool side. Here is what they reported:

“First: Morning show radio interviews are notoriously awful. Nobody, teen mega-pop star or otherwise, can be expected to promise commendable coherence and charm three hours before their usual wake-up time. Add to that a smirking DJ tossing around baiting questions and it’s kind of amazing that these interviews never end in fisticuffs. Well, the normally good-natured Justin Bieber is no exception.

Detroit’s Mojo of the “Mojo in the Morning” show went straight for Bieber’s kidneys on Friday, first comparing him to the Other Justin (Timberlake), a big no-no apparently, then musing about Harry from the boy band One Direction wooing Justin’s mom. Justin couldn’t take it and hung up.”

To Listen to the radio interview click here: The Insult

The Hung Up 

On http://www.mojointhemorning.com website they posted:

Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Mojo

Justin Bieber gets upset at Mojo for comparing him to Justin Timberlake – then things really go south when Mojo asks Justin if he worries about Harry from 1D around his mom!


Picture credit to: Allen Berezovsky from Star Pics Today
Sources: MSN Now, http://gawker.com & Mojo in the Morning

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