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Director of Independent Feature Film Hopes to Raise Needed Funds by June 10, 2012.

On Monday, June 4, 2012, Canadian film director, Alison Parker, has been asking for help to fund her next project, a feature film entitled The Ferret Squad. In order to begin production this Summer, she needs to raise $50,000.00. Using the fundraising site IndieGoGo she began a campaign to raise money in order to shoot the movie. With one week left to meet the deadline of June 10, donations have reached a total nearing $17,000.00. While some corporations such as Ferret Depot and Ferret.com have donated money to the film, it is predominantly fans of Alison’s previous work, a 25-minute independent film entitled Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale who have donated most of the funds.

People who donate to The Ferret Squad can earn some very unique “perks” for their contributions. A list of perks and the amount required to earn them is on www.Indiegogo.com/TheFerretSquad. Perks include, but are not limited to, the rare opportunity to have one’s name mentioned in the film credits, limited edition “pawtographed” DVDs or even the chance to be listed as a Producer of the film. In addition, 5% of donated funds will be given to www.LeaglizeFerrets.org, a group trying to legalize ferrets as pets in the state of California.

Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale was released in 2011 and created a giant media buzz on networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. When Alison announced her plans to make a new movie about ferrets, this time a full-length feature, fans of her first ferret film jumped at the chance to help financially.

“Jake & Jasper was a great success! The only complaint I have ever received to this day is that it was too short! I think the fans will be very happy to know that The Ferret Squad is a 100 page script that will translate into roughly 100 minutes on screen.,” assures Parker.
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This full length feature, The Ferret Squad is a family-oriented coming of age movie that follows a young boy named Max (Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale star Connor Stanhope) who smuggles his pet ferret into California, where they are illegal. He befriends a group of kids who run an underground ferret rescue and adoption organization, and joins them in risky ferret rescue missions, while living under the watchful eye of California’s Fish and Game Commission.. But when his secret is exposed, he must stand up for what he believes in and fight for what he loves, or risk losing his beloved pet forever. His beloved pet, a ferret named “Digger” will be portrayed by Stanhope’s Jake and Jasper: A Ferret Tale co-star, Falcor the Ferret.

“The support I’ve received from the public has been amazing. I have even received an anonymous donation from a celebrity who is very pro ferrets and pro ferret legalization in California. It’s very exciting!” Parker enthuses.

The Ferret Squad, written by Sally Meyer (You’re So Cupid, Minor Details), aims to bring awareness to the ferret ban in California, as well as being one of the first films to show ferrets in a positive light. The film is slated to begin filming in August 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. Companies and individuals interested in supporting The Ferret Squad are encouraged to go to www.TheFerretSquad.com for more information about how to make a contribution.

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If you would like more information about this project or wish to interview Alison Parker, please contact her directly at (604) 345-3263 or e-mail her at ferretsquadmedia@gmail.com

The Ferret Squad
Twitter: @ TheFerretSquad

Contact: Robyn Hoffman
Tel. 203-876-1002 / 203-257-8705 (cell)
E-mail: racingferret@sbcglobal.net

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