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Special Interview by Daood aka Soul Detective, Contributor for Diversity News Magazine

“Let it Shine,” set in the world of hip-hop, rap and gospel music, is an uplifting modern day story inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac, which follows three teens who discover the importance of staying true to oneself. A music-driven story for kids and families, the movie premieres June 15, 2012 (8:00 p.m., ET/PT) as part of the blockbuster Disney Channel Original Movie franchise, which sets the gold standard for diversity and relevant, inspiring storytelling.

The movie stars Tyler James Williams (“Everybody Hates Chris”), Hollywood Records recording artist and Radio Disney N.B.T. (“Next BIG Thing”)  finalist Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson (“Eureka”), Brandon Mychal Smith (Disney Channel’s “So Random!”), Courtney B. Vance (ABC’s “Revenge”), Dawnn Lewis (“A Different World”), Alex Desert (“Becker”) and Nicole Sullivan (“MADtv”).

Coco Jones, is starring in the Disney television film “Let It Shine.” Coco Jones while only being fourteen years of age has been a regular on the Disney channel in “So Random,” and “Good Luck Charlie.” Born and raised in Lebanon Tennessee to the parents of former NFL player Mike Jones and vocalist Javonda Jones, Coco Jones is not only an actress, a singer but also a rapper.

Daood: Congratulations on staring in the Disney television film “Let It Shine;” if you could share with us your role as Roxie?”

Coco Jones:  Roxie has two sides, at the beginning of the movie she’s this bigger than life pop star; and what’s different about her and what nobody else can tell, is she doesn’t have a lot of confidence in herself. So, she’s trying to please everybody and make them happy, instead of standing up for what she believes in and what makes her happy. It is only until she goes back to her hometown of Atlanta, GA to host a competition and she sees all these people who remember her as the little girl with the big voice. Only then, does she realizes that she can be anybody that she wants to be and that she doesn’t have to please everybody else; that she can be herself and everything will work out.

Daood: And the young man who plays opposite of you Tyler James Williams?

Coco Jones: His role in the movie is Cyrus Debarge and he also has to deal with the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in himself. He wants to be a rap star but he’s a pastor’s kid and he doesn’t have the confidence to tell his parents because he’s not sure if they will support him in his quest. So, one of the many great things about this movie is that, kids have to learn to stand up for what they believe in and parents have to learn to support their children.

Daood: Not only are you a talented actress but there has been talk of you being in a recording studio here recent recording a song?

Coco Jones:  I just signed with Hollywood Records and I’ve been in the studio literally almost every day since signing with them which has been great! Hopefully my album will come out shortly after the movie premieres. I’m really excited for everybody to hear it because it’s awesome music!

Daood: Coco Jones when you’re not acting or in a recording studio, talk to us about your hobbies?

Coco Jones: I like to sew. It’s a real cool hobby of mine. I’m trying to finish a sundress since it’s the summer time but I haven’t had the time to work on it, so it looks like a bunch of fabric right now. (we both laugh).

Daood: Going back to “Let It Shine which will air June 15, 2012 on the Disney Channel were you given the opportunity to actually sing instead of lip syncing?

Coco Jones: I sing the original songs that are in the movie; they were prerecorded in the studio.

Daood: Talk about your relationship to parents Mike Jones and Javonda Jones?

Coco Jones: I have a good relationships with my parents; they have supported and believed in me and if they didn’t I probably would be sitting somewhere in Tennessee. So I want to say thanks to my parents who have been awesome. They always taught me to “Run My Own Race,” and I’m here today doing what I really love.

Daood: June 15 will you be watching “Let It Shine,” with family and friends?

Coco Jones: I think I’m going to have a viewing party in Tennessee. One of the great things about Tennessee is that the community is totally supportive; principals, friends they are super happy for me. So, probably I will have a viewing at my house and my dad will cook and it’ll be fun.

Daood: Future goals and aspirations?

Coco Jones: I want to go on a number of singing tours; it’s funny that you should ask that question because we were just watching the move “Charlie’s Angel’s,” in the car. One of my dream roles is to be a part of an action movie like “Charlie’s Angels,” and have the cute outfits. We both chuckled, and she had another interview to conduct as our conversation ended.

”My dad always told me, to always perform like it was my last time performing. You never know who’s watching you.” said Coco Jones. For more information about Coco Jones visit her website at http://cocosings.com/

Source: The Lippin Group & Shannon Barr Public Relations
Photo credit to: BOB D’AMICO/DISNEY CHANNEL, Disney | ABC Television Group, ABC Medianet, Shannon Barr Public Relations.
Video courtesy of: DisneyABCvideo.com

Editor’s Note: About writer Daood aka Soul Detective: This is his first contribution article interview to Diversity News Magazine. He attended Fairfax High School in Hollywood, CA and played a variety of instruments: Acoustic Bass, Saxophone and clarinet. After high school he attended a number of music conservatories, one of them being Eubanks Music Conservatory Los Angeles, California. In 2003 he got an offer to host a radio show at Oran Z’s 87.7 F.M. low powered radio station.  His show “Our Voices” consisted of the best in new, independent and unsigned artists. “Our Voices” conducted interviews with Scholars, book writers, and of course music artists. He had interviewed the likes of Dr. Bill Cosby, Tavis Smiley, Marsha Ambrosius, John Legend, Producer, Actor, Photographer Dr. Mark Valinsky and others. Currently, he is writing a forthcoming book on the life story of Gene “Poo Poo Man” Anderson of Parliament Funkadelic. If you would like to contact him please email to: Obaid93070@aol.com

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