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American actress and entertainer performance artist “comedy kinda girrrl” Thushari Jayasekera was invited as a presenter at the 32nd Annual Golden Raspberry Awards on Sunday April 1st, 2012. She was introduced as the “newest Razzie cast member” by John B. Wilson, the founder of the Razzie Awards.
She brought a few of her comedic personas to the show. “I love the comedic style of the Razzies and it was a cool  experience to be a part of it.” stated Thushari. In the awards that “Dis-honors the worst achievements in film”, Thushari presented in the worst supporting actor, worst supporting actress and worst screenplay categories.
The 2012 Razzies had a snazzy opening number and great & appropriately funny clips from the films as well as quotes from critics who gave the film “bad” reviews. The talented presenters, also, included Avery Clyde, Paula Einstein, Kelie McIver, Allen Rueckert, Glenn Simon and John Wilson. Adam Sandler and Jack and Jill dominated the Awards and set a record by winning in every category. And it seems that he is the first to win in both best/worst actor and actress categories in the same year for the same film.

Thushari is a true fan of Adam Sandler as seen by these highlight clips where one of them was on an Diversity News TV interview:

http://youtu.be/lkX86MH9_ak?t=1m26s and http://youtu.be/14gK6lKx6Ms?t=12m18s

She is in the upcoming Don’t Trust the B—-in Apt.23 on ABC airing April 11th, 2012 at 9:30pm and is currently working on her experimental sketch-stand up mix, in one segment she calls President Obama a hot piece of ***, Jelly Jam.

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