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David Harrison Levi
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Truth or “Con”-sequences? A witness reports that self-promoter David Harrison Levi and his followers were apparently escorted out of Café Entourage by security in Hollywood.

After others and ourselves have been fooled a couple of times, we started to investigate some of the promotions and actions of Levi and noticed numerous possible misrepresentations of the truth, some people might call that lies or maybe even “conning”? It is time to speak up.

Sometimes enough is enough. But let’s take a look, judge for yourselves. We’ve been watching for some time now the shenanigans of David Harrison Levi, self proclaimed promoter, Starmaker, Breast Cancer Awareness man, flag waver and fighter for the downtrodden, as  well as “award winning”, “I got a certificate” cause  sufferer of the dying and recently dead, if you can believe that!? And let’s not forget, self-professed, lifelong, dearly devoted, friend to such people as Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, just to name a few. By the way until we see actual proof of each claimed “lifelong” mutual friend relationship that he publicly claims he’s a part of (uhhhh, casual encounters, a one-time event, arranging or jumping into a photo at an event, or Photoshopped photos don’t count as proof)

And some of his representations of a recent event he tried to hold a few nights ago just scratches the surface of what appears to be a small example of his constant and numerous misrepresentations of the truth over a year or more. Some people might call these out-right lies, fantasies, and / or cons. You be the judge.
On Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 7:00 pm Cafe Entourage Security in Hollywood seemed to escort out David Harrison Levi with his “followers” and not allow them in at that time or the event to occur as publically represented and promoted by Levi. Don’t believe me check the fact that all the photos and video interviews we saw posted on Facebook, occurred outside while people milled around unable to enter. Even in one of the videos of Levi himself, speaks of how they were going to now suddenly move the event and names numerous unplanned and uninformed possible locations.

Evidence so far from videos and photos seems to document that not only were they kicked out of the restaurant at the start of this supposed “planned and promoted” Levi event, for the 2011 BET Awards & Michael Jackson Memorial for Breast Cancer Awareness. Levi apparently never properly planned or informed the restaurant of his event at all along the lines of what was promoted to the public, fashion designers, musicians, news media and guests. And by the way Mr. Levi do you have written proof of even getting proper credentials and permission to use the BET Awards or Michael Jackson name?

This paper would be very happy if you could actually produce this proper documentation. We took a brief video where actors, models, make-up artists from The Sidney Collection, including photographers were hanging around the parking lot and getting ready to leave because there was no event to enter at that time. Our video was taken around 7:30 pm after our media crew was in front of Cafe Entourage.

It has been reported that we have been picking on him – We are not. We just want to get to the truth. And if it is the case that Levi exaggerates, and / or misrepresents what happening or did happen at his events then the public should be informed of the truth and may need protection from this guy Levi.

So we’re willing to ask; Who was there and what do you know? We want to hear from you. Don’t tell us what David told you or what you heard happened or are his intended motives, tell us what you saw. Tell us what happened to you. Did you get in on time? Were you prevented from going in? Was there a red carpet inside? Did the promised fashion and musical show occur? How many people did you actually see? Do you ever feel he has misrepresented the numbers attending, the type of “celebrities” attending, etc?

After watching all the videos posted so far we noticed all were taken outside, none inside Café Entourage. None showed anywhere near 500 people, in fact most showed about 50 people, even in one video did a 360 degree view of the people outside.

We have not seen any photographic or video proof so far of an indoor event, only Levi expounding how we can move the event right now to all these named and unplanned locations.

There are no videos or pictures that show the fashion show happened

There are no videos or pictures that show the musicians ever played

There are no videos or pictures of any red carpet occurring

As we stated all videos were outside of Café Entourage show perhaps about 25 – 40 people milling around on public streets and so far there are no photographs posted documenting over 500 of his friends attended.

Prove us wrong with documentation, if you can.

David Levi reported on Facebook, quote “Here are video behind the scene photos & videos of our Michael Jackson Memorial for Breast Cancer Awareness NOW on my Facebook pages from Lisa Lewolt &Hollywood BrokerTV Thank You to all my 500 + beautiful friends who came out last night to support our Michael Jackson Memorial and Breast Cancer Awareness Extravaganza in Hollywood!”

And by the way the last time I looked up the word “Extravaganza” in the dictionary it didn’t describe a few dozen people milling around outside on a city sidewalk in front of a restaurant that would let you in.

In a video posted by Lisa Lewolt labeled “Behind the scenes with Chris Tru 2011 BET Awards Michael Jackson Memorial for Breast Cancer Awareness David Harrison Levi – she states into the microphone “We’re still out here on Hollywood Blvd still waiting to get in”

In the 131 photos I reviewed taken by photographer Guillermo Proano posted on Facebook labeled Breast Cancer Awareness 6-26-11 All are outside the restaurant, the most people seen in any one picture is about 23. Where are the 500 + people so profusely and often professed by Levi as being there?


all his “500 + beautiful friends who came out last night to supportour Michael Jackson Memorial and Breast Cancer Awareness Extravaganza in Hollywood!” as quoted from David Levi’s Facebook post?

To possibly cover up David Harrison Levi wrote this on his Facebook:

“David Harrison Levi June 27 at 3:01am Reply • Report

Thank You to all my beautiful friends who came out to support our Michael Jackson Memorial and Breast Cancer Awareness Extravaganza in Hollywood tonight! I feel so very blessed! Peace – Love David Harrison Levi – STARMAKER (about an hour ago via BlackBerry)

Before the event this is what Mr. Harrison posted on Facebook:

“My lifetime friend and brother Michael Jackson was taken from us June25, 2009. Join Us Sunday June 26th 7pm as we remember MJ at our exclusive redcarpet BET Awards fashion & music after party from Hollywood’s newest hotspot Cafe Entourage – Hollywood, CA — DJ EZ Earl & DJ JMotion with specialguests performing LIVE Smitty – Kate Campbell – Erin Lee – Goward – Lisa Lewolt- Johnny Ferretti – Kaitlyn Le – Liv – Brenton Tyler Hoffmann aka Sleight ofRhyme – David Harrison Levi – STARMAKER☆ for Breast Cancer Awareness ~ No Cover ~ No Minimum— Summer Kickoff 2011 annual red carpet after party BET Awards ☆ Breast Cancer Awareness David HarrisonLevi – STARMAKER☆ ~ Sunday, June 26,2011 ~ at Hollywood’s newest hot spot Cafe Entourage & Lounge 1600 VineStreet in Hollywood, CA – Summer is Here so its time to kick off Summer Nightswith a Fashion & Music Entertainment Networking party! Our World Famous RedCarpet Events Always bring out a BIG Crowd so Arrive Early to Avoid the Lines!RSVP NOW.”

Event Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=201885006523423

Another source reported and posted on Facebook “I showed up to Cafe Entourage in Hollywood last night with my boy J-son & got word that all performances of the night were cancelled due to a private party upstairs Say WTF! I am so sorry for all the performers including myself that busted their asses rehearsing to not be able to perform on one of the biggest Music award nights of the year! Thanks to everyone that came out & showed there support.” – As posted on Facebook by Sleight of Rhyme, BrentonTyler Hoffmann, attendee.

He was told by Mr. Levi that it was canceled. However a higher informed source we talked to from the restaurant wrote us in response to our inquiry: “We are not affiliated with David Harrison Levi nor any of his organizations. He and his followers showed up to our venue and we did our best to accommodate them however, we had no prior arrangement to host their Event.”
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Now David if you want to hold an event. Good for you. People should enjoy themselves. However be truthful before and after, otherwise that seems to be perpetrating false and misleading public actions. And another thing about promoting and event and your public representations, if you claim to be a beloved lifelong friend to someone, alive or dead – perhaps they should at least know you, like lifelong friends truly do. And if you are claiming to bring awareness to a cause that others suffer from don’t leave your actions open to be interpreted as a shameless promoter and that benefits from the suffering of others. Give back. Actually help, O.K.? Simply indicating, Hey folks there’s breast cancer out there. I just made you aware. See what a humanitarian I am? That really doesn’t cut it no matter how many certificates you pose with.

Here’s a hint…We know there’s cancer! And so do the millions upon millions of people who have tragically lost someone to this disease. We are all aware it exists! We can watch TV and in case we forget you know momentarily not aware it exists, we can sadly look at all the pictures of the family and friends we’ve lost to it. Try this instead David…Contribute selfless dedication of your time and your money to finding the cure – Are you getting a percentage of the bar? Are you collecting money from the bars’ and maybe favors and gifts from sponsors, clothes, food, etc as the promoter and none or very little going to really helping wipe out breast cancer or helping charities? We hope you’re not just collecting the money and gifts for yourself from your promotional events you’ve thought up to enhance your life while others truly suffer.

Cruel questions or reasonable ones? David, show us and the Internal Revenue Service all the receipts of what you’ve earned on your events. You’ve shown us photos of you and all your certificates for helping people. Now show us all the checks you’ve written to all the different cancer agencies to actually help find a cure for cancer? Here’s an example, catch a clue; Bill Gates, he’s personally given / paid over a Billion dollars to wipe out polio.

Try speaking the truth and not the con. And please, David you’ve proven to be clever and resourceful don’t plead innocence or weep over this article or play the helpless, misunderstood victim, unless of course you need another reason for you to put on an event held in your honor.

We are too aware of those people with their hopes and dreams, Mr. Starmaker that are poor starving actors, singers, makeup artists and fashion designers that traveled from far away to come to your event and only to be escorted out because you did not have proper control or arrangements for your event at the restaurant. We are not sure why these people continue following a person who according to our research of public records, does not have a business registered in the City of Beverly Hills, or Los Angeles nor a promoter’s permit.

Also as of the date of this article we can tell you that we have checked some sources at other charities and it seems that all that was promoted to benefit others may not have actually happened the way it was represented, but that’s another investigation and article. Care to give an accurate counting of monies, food and gifts received compared to given to the intended charities? We recommend the public should always keep their eyes for the supported truth, question the hype, act on the facts and not the con.

UPDATE: July 1, 2011:

David – We noticed that you took down all videos and photographs from 2 of your websites about your failed event at Cafe’ Entourage. What’s with that? To the best of my knowledge you’ve never done before? We guess you’re starting to hide from the truth. Everything we said was truthful because you apparently had the time to remove the damaging evidence, but not the time to deny or prove any of the questions we asked you?
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Sources: Facebook & Diversity News TV
Photos credit to: Guillermo Proano from Memoriz4uPhotography.com, American Image Media, Facebook.

UPDATE: May 27, 2013:

Editor’s Note:  Note that this story was written and re-written by various contributors and our sources are protected under The California Shield or The Reporter’s Privilege Law that provides legal protections to journalists seeking to maintain the confidentiality of an unnamed source or unpublished information obtained during newsgathering. For more information visit http://www.thefirstamendment.org/shieldlaw.html We welcome all your comments.

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