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On Monday, April 25, 2011 The LADWP General Manager Ron Nichols released the following statement regarding a report on KNBC Channel 4 on delayed billings.
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“The LADWP processes 50,000 bills per day and has approximately two million water and electric meters, which generate over 12 million bills per year. Commercial meters are billed monthly and residential meters are billed bi-monthly.
Over 99% of all LADWP bills are billed on time. Only about ¼ of one percent of our customers can experience multiple periods of delayed bills due to activities such as field investigations, meter surveys or replacements, or situations where a meter cannot be accessed by a meter reader.
The examples cited in the KNBC story were not in any way representative of this extraordinarily favorable rate for on-time billing. However, we understand that delayed billing is troubling to any customer affected in this way. That is why when these situations are identified we work with the customer to pay off the amount due over an extended period of time equal to the length of our delay. In the event that payment arrangement is a burden to the customer, LADWP accommodates customer repayment plans.
Next month LADWP will launch a new bill format that will provide better and clearer information to our customers regarding amounts due, historical usage information and other useful features that will make identifying a delayed bill easier.
We regret these situations when they occur and will work with any customer who has experienced a delayed bill to successfully resolve the matter in as fair and compassionate a way as possible.”

Source: http://www.ladwpnews.com

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Editor’s Note: We have to agree with Mr. Ron Nichols when he says they work with customers when they are having financial hardship. They work with the customer to bring their account current.

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