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Pink with Recording Artist FawnBy JR, Special for Diversity News

On Saturday, September 18, 2010 Puppy Mill Awareness Day was presented by Last Chance for Animals at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles from 11:00 am to 3:00pm to support the Adopt, Don’t Shop initiative and bring awareness of the horrific conditions of puppy mills.

Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan spoke at the event encouraging the packed audience to go to shelters and rescues to adopt, rather than buy at pet stores, which get their dogs from puppy mills. There were a variety of cruelty-free vendors and booths including vegan food booths and Humane education booths, various speakers, a silent auction, face painting and music with a highlighted performance by The Faded whose music is heard in the award-winning documentary Skin Trade. Celebrities in attendance were Musicians Pink, Poison’s Rikki Rocket, Fawn, Lord’s of Acid vocalist Lacey Conner and Actress Michelle Forbes. Also in attendance were undercover investigator Bryan Monell, director Shannon Keith, animal advocates Kim Sill and Jack Carone, LCA Board President Carol Araneo, West Hollywood City Council Member Jeffrey Prang, Last Chance for Animals Founder and CEO Chris DeRose, Humane Society’s Dale Bartlett, SPCA ‘s Madeline Bernstein and Animal Acres Representative and actress Ciddy Fonteboa. The event was launched to create awareness against puppy mills which are appalling places for dogs to survive. In the puppy mills, they are bred over and over for pet stores. On her twitter page, Pink made a series of tweets about her experience at the event, saying “It’s puppy mill awareness day and I just got back from the incredible event at La Brea Tar Pits. No more puppy mills!!” “Puppy mills are awful, filthy, cruel places where dogs never see daylight, sleep in their own feces, and r (are) bred over n (and) over for pet stores. Boycott pet stores people!!!!”  She has asked her fans to boycott pet stores. Wireless from AT&T About Last Chance for Animals: Last Chance for Animals (LCA) recognizes that animals have the ability to experience pain, and as such they deserve certain basic rights protecting them from pain caused by humans. LCA believes that non-human animals should not be subjected to suffering and exploitation by humans because alternatives exist for nearly every traditional “usage” of animals. DonorsChoose.org LCA opposes the use of animals for scientific curiosity, entertainment, clothing, and food. LCA recognizes the use of non-human animals in medical experimentation as both immoral and of questionable scientific validity due to the tremendous biological difference between species. LCA’s work advocates conscious and informed lifestyle decisions, and the organization is committed to disseminating truthful information about societal animal abuse to improve the treatment of animals. To find out more about the issue, stop by BanPuppyMills.com.

Editor’s Note: We are very glad the musicians like Pink are involved in great causes in helping animals.

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